Charter Jet Rates Add Up to Increased Productivity

Time is Money

A successful corporate lifestyle hinges on being able to keep up with the fast-paced business world, so paying charter jet rates for a private flight is more often than not a cost-effective way to increase efficiency and productivity. As the saying goes, time is money, so being able to depart from a business meeting in one city and arrive at another meeting a long distance away, is less a luxury than it is a necessity.

Stop Waiting, Start Flying

Business travel can be a stress-free experience if you are able to avoid long lines at the airport and eliminate the need for lengthy layovers in crowded airports or close connecting flights when schedules run late. Also, arranging business meetings around flight schedules dictated by commercial airlines can result in many wasted hours spent in airport lounges and boarding zones. Instead, arranging flights that are dictated by your schedule is possible when traveling via a private charter.

There are a vast number of airports classified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as suitable for private aviation, compared to the smaller number available to commercial airlines. This means that traveling to conferences or meetings in cities not serviced by a major airline is possible, without the need to book a car rental and waste additional time driving to far-out locations. Flying private means arriving where you need, when you need.

Experience Increased Productivity

The Beechcraft Premiere 1A, Gulfstream G150, and King Air C90GTX are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that turn each of these jets into offices in the sky. Onboard Wi-Fi, power outlets, telephone service, and reclining leather seats are just a few of the luxury perks that can turn your private jet into a private work space.

Speaking of privacy, when traveling with business colleagues, a private aircraft can turn into a conference room. Work tables are available on many executive jets, which makes multi-tasking possible by giving travelers the opportunity to hold meetings at 30,000 feet in the air, rather than waiting for arrival at the final destination. Since the only people onboard the rented jet are fellow associates, classified information can be discussed without the risk of strangers listening in.

Value of Convenience

Convenience is the top benefit of renting a private jet, especially for executives traveling for business. Booking an excursion with a chartered flight operations company that owns its fleet means that a private jet is guaranteed to be waiting on the runway. Never again face last-minute cancellations due to an aircraft being unavailable. With no long-term commitments, membership fees, or upfront deposits, it makes perfect sense to include a private flight into a corporate budget.

The luxury of being able to arrive 15-20 minutes before your custom scheduled flight, rather than spending upwards of 2 hours waiting in long lines at the baggage counter and security checkpoints, is an added expense that pays for itself in the long run, due to increased productivity and improved efficiency. Although depending on the number of destinations, passengers, and amenities, charter jet rates are often on par with flying business class on a commercial airline.